NYC Time Lapse

Lightning strikes in NYC

Lightning Strikes Time Lapse

NYC rooftopping
Lincoln Center, NYC
Luxurious penthouse dining room featuring unbeatable views of Lower Manhattan
Super Moon 2013 over NYC
NYC - life in a Midtown Manhattan penthouse
Central Park NYC
Rainy twilight in the penthouse event room at the Rivington Hotel in Manhattan's Lower East Side
Lower Manhattan 2013
Sky high bedroom
NYC - 1 wtc standing at full height for the very 1st time
Sky high kitchen & living room with a view
New York Globe 2013
5th Avenue duplex penthouse
(NYC) Clear skies over midtown and a view down W 45th street
My favorite penthouse living room:
NYC - Central Park
8100 River Rd in North Bergen features waterfront NYC views and a rooftop pool & terrace above the attached garage
NYC - Times Square at night
Midtown Manhattan penthouse bedroom
The George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee
Bahamas "One & Only Ocean Club"
NYC - Lower Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge
The courtyard in this complex has awesome views of the sun rising over NYC
NYC - Colombus Cirlce & Central Park at night
Penthouse balcony
NYC - its a long way down in Midtown
Sky high bedroom that overlooks the city
Hudson River - The 1st sunset of 2013 was a good one
Courtyard at the Promenade in Edgewater at sunset
NYC - Midtown South begins to glow at dusk..
A view of NYC shot through a window of this penthouse
NYC - a view of Midtown from the West Village
The rising sun casts orange & pink light into this south facing North Bergen penthouse master bedroom
the sun "sets in the city" (NYC)
Hoboken & NYC seen from the 23rd floor (penthouse) of the Doric Building in Union City:
NYC - From the Brooklyn side
A penthouse balcony view of a sunrise over Manhattan
NYC - one of the best sunrises I've ever seen.. (Feb 22nd 2013)
Penthouse bedroom with sky high views of Brooklyn & Staten Island
NYC - international baller's playground
Penthouse living room & kitchen with uniqe decor
NYC's 4th of July fireworks cast a bright red light onto the skyline
Guttenberg Penthouse at night
NYC - Facing south from the Empire State Building (March 2013)
This balcony has awesome sunrise views
The George Washington Bridge at dawn
South East facing bedroom with beautiful views of the sunrise over NYC
Lightning strikes over New York City
NYC - outdoor rooftop patio
Sunset in the city (NYC)
Bahamas - "One & Only Ocean Club"
NYC skyline at night
Paradise Island, Bahamas
A unique perspective of Grand Central Terminal, the Metlife & Chrysler Building during a sunset..
A nice NYC room overlooking Madison Square Park
The Brooklyn Bridge at night (October 2012)
Kitchen in Manhattan with enormous marble backsplash slabs
Standing high in the night's sky!
Jacobs Ferry: a waterfront community in West New York
NYC - Slow flowing water on the Hudson River
another sky high bedroom
The 9/11 memorial in Liberty Park, Jersey City
Duplex penthouse balcony
Lower Manhattan
Sky high kitchen & dining area
Low hanging clouds reflect NYC's bright lights
Sunset over Edgewater & Cliffside Park NJ
NYC - Midtown East, the East River, & Queens/ Brooklyn across the water..
Penthouse suite balcony view of an approaching tropical storm on Paradise Island
Sunrise over Manhattan
Through-the-window view of a colorful sunset
The Empire State Building fires blue beams of light straight up into the night's sky
Through-the-window night time view of the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle
Upper West Side & The Henry Hudson Parkway at night
Sunrise over NYC seen from a penthouse living room in North Bergen
NYC - the golden district
Ariel view of Edgewater's waterfront promenade
Hung over in NYC
A view from a "fountain view suite" at the Bellagio Las Vegas (shot through a window)
Midtown Manhattan's urban density
NYC's 4th of July fireworks cast a bright red light on the skyline - seen from Edgewater's Promenade complex
NYC - Central Park offers some unique views of the city
Gigantic penthouse living room with exceptional views of NYC
The North East view from Hell's Kitchen
Lower East Side roof deck built for parties - seen moments before this approaching storm ruined my shoot
NYC - The Financial District & "Two Bridges" (Manhattan Neighborhood between the Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge) @ night
A view of The Promenade from Independence Harbor during a central park fireworks show
Sunrise over Manhattan's Upper West Side
Jacuzzi Room with NYC & Hudson River views
NYC skycrapers scrape the sky and make the surrounding clouds glow. (Seen from Chelsea)
A gym on the river with a view
NYC - Street art in Chinatown
This "great room" really is great!
Midtown Manhattan & the Hudson River
A private back yard oasis like this is very rare in Hoboken. (Hudson St)
Stayin High in NYC
Epic storm clouds over Manhattan
Blue York Pretty
NYC skyline sunrise
NYC - midtown south durning Nemo the blizzard of 2013
7am the morning after Nemo - a snow stormy night comes to an end & the rising sun (to my right) casts a pinkish hue on the distant clouds behind midtown. Although more than a foot of snow came down, a night full of fierce winds limited snow accumulation on NYC's rooftops..
NYC - Alphabet Ctiy at night
The view from the top of Rockefeller Center
NYC - new lighting at the Helmsley Building
Reflecting on what it means to be afraid of heights
NYC - The Flatiron Building
Times Square from above
Brooklyn Bridge & Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn across the water
Manhattan - the intersection of East 16th st & Irving Place
NYC - the Grand Beekman at night..
Queens (LIC): Sundown @ the Citicorp Building, the tallest skyscraper in New York City outside of Manhattan and the tallest building on geographic Long Island
NYC Vertigo
NYC lightning photo that made the news 4/11/13 (NBC 4 NY)
Midtown Manhattan just after sundown
Empire State Building on Memorial Day 2013
NYC - Upper West Side @ night
Manhattan in ice blue
George Washington Bridge lit up in blue for Autism awareness
Empire State Building lit up in Peach 5/1/13
50+ stories high in Lower Manhattan
The beginning of one of the best sunrises I've ever seen
Lower Manhattan skyline at night
Upper West Side glowing sunset
NYC - Empire State Building lit up for Gay Pride 2013
Manhattan under snow
Clouds over NYC July 2013