NYC Time Lapse

Lightning strikes in NYC

Lightning Strikes Time Lapse

NYC rooftopping
Lincoln Center, NYC
Super Moon 2013 over NYC
Central Park NYC
Lower Manhattan 2013
NYC - 1 wtc standing at full height for the very 1st time
New York Globe 2013
(NYC) Clear skies over midtown and a view down W 45th street
NYC - Central Park
NYC - Times Square at night
The George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee
NYC - Lower Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC - Colombus Cirlce & Central Park at night
NYC - its a long way down in Midtown
Hudson River - The 1st sunset of 2013 was a good one
NYC - Midtown South begins to glow at dusk..
NYC - a view of Midtown from the West Village
the sun "sets in the city" (NYC)
NYC - From the Brooklyn side
NYC - one of the best sunrises I've ever seen.. (Feb 22nd 2013)
NYC - international baller's playground
NYC's 4th of July fireworks cast a bright red light onto the skyline
NYC - Facing south from the Empire State Building (March 2013)
The George Washington Bridge at dawn
Lightning strikes over New York City
Sunset in the city (NYC)
NYC skyline at night
A unique perspective of Grand Central Terminal, the Metlife & Chrysler Building during a sunset..
The Brooklyn Bridge at night (October 2012)
Standing high in the night's sky!
NYC - Slow flowing water on the Hudson River
The 9/11 memorial in Liberty Park, Jersey City
Lower Manhattan
Low hanging clouds reflect NYC's bright lights
NYC - Midtown East, the East River, & Queens/ Brooklyn across the water..
Sunrise over Manhattan
The Empire State Building fires blue beams of light straight up into the night's sky
Upper West Side & The Henry Hudson Parkway at night
NYC - the golden district
Hung over in NYC
Midtown Manhattan's urban density
NYC - Central Park offers some unique views of the city
The North East view from Hell's Kitchen
NYC - The Financial District & "Two Bridges" (Manhattan Neighborhood between the Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge) @ night
Sunrise over Manhattan's Upper West Side
NYC skycrapers scrape the sky and make the surrounding clouds glow. (Seen from Chelsea)
NYC - Street art in Chinatown
Midtown Manhattan & the Hudson River
Stayin High in NYC
Epic storm clouds over Manhattan
Blue York Pretty
NYC skyline sunrise
NYC - midtown south durning Nemo the blizzard of 2013
7am the morning after Nemo - a snow stormy night comes to an end & the rising sun (to my right) casts a pinkish hue on the distant clouds behind midtown. Although more than a foot of snow came down, a night full of fierce winds limited snow accumulation on NYC's rooftops..
NYC - Alphabet Ctiy at night
The view from the top of Rockefeller Center
NYC - new lighting at the Helmsley Building
Reflecting on what it means to be afraid of heights
NYC - The Flatiron Building
Times Square from above
Brooklyn Bridge & Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn across the water
Manhattan - the intersection of East 16th st & Irving Place
NYC - the Grand Beekman at night..
Queens (LIC): Sundown @ the Citicorp Building, the tallest skyscraper in New York City outside of Manhattan and the tallest building on geographic Long Island
NYC Vertigo
NYC lightning photo that made the news 4/11/13 (NBC 4 NY)
Midtown Manhattan just after sundown
Empire State Building on Memorial Day 2013
NYC - Upper West Side @ night
Manhattan in ice blue
George Washington Bridge lit up in blue for Autism awareness
Empire State Building lit up in Peach 5/1/13
50+ stories high in Lower Manhattan
The beginning of one of the best sunrises I've ever seen
Lower Manhattan skyline at night
Upper West Side glowing sunset
NYC - Empire State Building lit up for Gay Pride 2013
Manhattan under snow
Clouds over NYC July 2013